The Lifesaving Good News (Biblical Perspectives)

Matthew 24:14, KJV
"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

Mark 16:15, NIV
Then he told them, "As you go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to everyone."

   The gospel, otherwise known as the "good news" is described by Paul in Romans 1:16 as the "power of God unto salvation to all who believes". Why is it good news? We return to the context of the first scripture in Matthew where we find Jesus having a serious discussion with his disciples about the end of the world and the signs which would herald his coming. He describes wars, natural disasters, famines and epidemics of disease as signs that would precede his return. The good news is juxtaposed with the bad- the end of the world with the beginning of a new world; where Christ returns for those who believe in him.

We must be careful not to dwell on the disasters and run to Christ because we are frightened. The good news which we now know, that his disciples did not grasp at the time, was that Jesus died for Us-he sacrificed himself. Paul puts it succinctly in 2 Corinthians 5:21, that Christ who was perfect and sinless "became sin" for us, so that we could become like him. The Message Bible says: "in Christ. God put the wrong on him who never did anything wrong, so we could be put right with God." That is the essence of the good news.

The reality is that the bad news- the end of the world represents the consequences of sin- the wages of death (Romans 6:23). The portents heralding the end of the world describe the natural results of sin for the world and humanity- nothing escapes its devastation and corruption. The good news represents a choice- just like one Adam and Eve had in the garden when they were advised not to eat the fruit from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil". When they chose to eat the fruit that God forbade, it resulted in a death sentence (Genesis 2:17).

Through the good news, God used the life and death of Christ to replace our death with his life. Through it he has reconciled us to his original plan for us- a life of unbroken fellowship with him in the new garden of Eden- the earth made new. The good news is for all, there is no one beyond salvation or exempt from God’s love because he loves the whole world!

I hope you can see why we need to share the good news with the world? As Christians we need to remember what it was like when we first met Christ and how we felt, then share that experience with those we meet. Ask God for courage and his unconditional love to share the good news. Through it we will be able to love as God loves and see others regardless of their background or history, as made in his image and worthy of salvation.


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