Prayer: A Marvellous Journey

June 2012 Blog:

  Job 23:12
Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

I want to take you on my own marvellous prayer journey. It is a personal revelation of the vitality, the necessity, the magnitude of prayer in my life- prayer is its essence and life blood. I cannot imagine or even contemplate a life without it. For “prayer”, read “God”, for it is He Himself that I seek after in prayer. Like the Psalmist says:
“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is” (Psalms 63:1).

The verse that came to mind when I began to think about the importance of prayer in my life was Job 23:12. As vital as physical food which nourishes, sustains and energises the body; prayer to me is the equivalent for my soul. It is the very bread of heaven, the living water that invigorates, restores and feeds me spiritually.

No doubt like the many millions, probably billions of people on this planet, I learned to say the Lord’s Prayer at an early age. Did I know what I was saying at the time? I think I have always had a natural inclination to pray. Perhaps this was due to the habit of prayer that was formed early on in life. I can imagine my tiny hands being cupped by a larger pair and my mother encouraging me to repeat “dear Jesus, bless Mummy, bless Daddy and make me good”. Years of practice paid off as a result of church, worship at home and in the night watches in my own bed. Popular phrases were “bless the sick and the suffering and keep me safe from all harm and danger”.

I can’t deny that in the early days, prayer was like a verbal “talisman” something that I had to say to feel safe at night just in case something happened. What prayer did, albeit imperfectly for me, which was and still is deeply embedded into my soul, is to connect me to my Heavenly Father. I can remember writing my first religious poem aged 12- “God is love and lives above”. Prayer combined with worship, church-going and Sabbath School put me in touch with “Our Father” was also “my father”.

God was someone who I could run to, who could perform miracles such as sew back on the button of the sofa cushion, that I had accidentally popped off. God always listened to me and gave me a sense of comfort and safety; never told me off or gave me a good hiding when I was naughty. As I got older, God was someone who I begged to forgive me when I had said or done things that I was ashamed of- He never judged me like others- He never made me feel mad, bad or sad. God always seemed to be in the business of fixing things: whether it was Mum’s wrath, exam stress, job worries, boyfriend trouble. I could never see life without God- He was and still is my best friend:, warm, welcoming and a good listener, who always made me feel better. Even when things seemed to be falling apart- with fallout with friends/family, cruel boss or money concerns- it was always God who was there to dry my tears, help me pick up the pieces and somehow fill me with that sense which I still have- “it was not meant to be”. Now I recognise that God’s will for my life has steered me away from many things that would have led to danger and disappointment, there are less things that I regret in my life.

When as a mature adult I became a Christian, I returned to the faith of my formative years and deepened my relationship with God, I realised that He had always been my best friend, but the feeling wasn’t always mutual. Even though I had fallen out with God over the years, He was a constant in my life, waiting for me to get back in touch.

Although I have always prayed and experienced many wonderful and miraculous answers to prayer, my relationship with God has become much more real, raw, vital and intimate- you’ve guessed it-“more than my necessary food”. I cannot start the day without our early morning conversation. It is in this supernatural communication that all the wrinkles, bumps, heartaches and headaches; set backs and put downs are laid out and are put in perspective. Through my prayer life I find a lot of comfort in Paul’s words in Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good for them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”.

In a strange and counter-intuitive way there is a science to prayer- yet to be worked out. There is an equation that goes something like this: take one sinful, fickle human being, add a loving and forgiving God and the result is a transformed life- often with a bucketful of blessings thrown in!! In short (Me + God = A Miracle).

Millions are suffering because they have not connected with the vital life source of prayer which draws us into an intimate relationship with our Creator.

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